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Millard South
Millard South
Dave Samler of Millard South
Millard South
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Playmakers Academic and Leadership Program helps students overcome challenges in school, and on the playground. Their character and leadership program has three primary components: Character & Leadership, Academics, Fitness.

Program Coaches (typically a college student) assist the students to maintain and increase reading levels along with getting active out on the field making sure to include everyone. Boys and girls with academic and other challenges also learn about character — doing the right thing when no one is looking. Playmakers’ goal is to foster self-esteem in their young lives and pay-it-forward mentality with volunteerism in the community and other acts of kindness.

Coach Roz met Harrison through another Stanford Football Alumnus Jordan Richards. They met his Freshman year when Jordan was a Senior. They played together and attended the Football Bible Study Group on campus. When Jordan started playing for the NFL, Harrison took the mentoring reins in California and Omaha with enthusiasm.

Harrison has also helped with the Buffalo Bills. They joined in on the NFL Flag Football powered by USA Football. Harrison helped mold healthier kids, more engaged families, and a closer community.

When Harrison is back in Omaha, he stops in to his old high school training with the football team and wrestling team. He recently went to Millard South and invested time with the kids sharing his positive message. "You don't lose, you learn."

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