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Lions, and Cats, and Eagles...oh my!

Harrison has a big soft spot for animals. His favorites would be lions, cats, and eagles.
When he was little, he snuck in a stray kitten and didn't tell his parents for a week. He can't help but smile and be in a good mood around cats.
His family went on vacation to Mexico. While they were there they went to the zoo. At the end they got to wrestle and play with baby lion cubs. Harrison fell in love instantly.



Harrison likes the color gold because it is the color of excellence. It is the color of extravagance, wealth, riches, and success.


Rubik's Cube, the Bible, and Weightlifting

Harrison loves to learn and grow constantly. Whether it's his mind, body, or soul.
He can solve a Rubik's cube in a minute and a half. It helps him relax and stimulates his brain at the same time.
When he gets the chance he enjoys reading the Bible: keeping his soul and faith strong. God helps him through everything. 
If he wasn't into football, he would still be in the weight room. As he always says, "your body is your temple."

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Home-Cooked Meal

Harrison's favorite meal is steak, potatoes, and corn. No surprise from this mid-western. Loving the protein and carbs. Having to bulk up was easier since he was raised on such hearty foods.


Hopsin and Drake

Both are influential artists. They are passionate and use their struggles to make music and help others.


Friday Night Lights

It is more than just a football movie. It's passion and growth of adolescents. Harrison found motivation in this movie to be the best player, teammate, and person.


Muhammad Ali and LeBron James

Harrison looks up to these two athletes. He learned commitment and determination from watching them perform and reading about how they became who they are today.

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Cookie Dough, hands down.


Anything Beyonce.
Yassss Queen!


The Office

Favorite Things: Services
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