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Roots: News & Updates


Harrison was born January 25th, 1996 in Omaha, NE. He weighed in at 10 pounds, 1 ounce. He was a strong kid and never stopped going. He grew a passion for animals and sports. As a child, he loved being outside whether it's helping with the yard, racing the neighbor kids on bikes, or practicing his football stance. 
He left behind his dog Beckham, named after David Beckham, and his cat Chipper, named after Chipper Jones. His favorite pet was Vince, named after Vince Young. It was a heart break for Harry when his favorite cat ran away.


Harrison was obsessed with hammers when he was little. Every Christmas or birthday he would get a new toy hammer (which he called "bam-bams"). He would carry it around the house and try to fix everything. He was just as hard working as a kid.

He also obsessed over milk. He has strong bones today from all the milk he drank. He used to go downstairs, open the fridge, and drag the jug of milk upstairs to mom and dads room in the morning at the age of 5. In high school, he changed to chocolate milk. 


Harrison went to Black Elk Elementary which was walking distance from his house. His mother, once a teacher, was a stay-at-home mom who had an in-home daycare. She cared for up to 14 kids. His mother instilled teamwork in him at a young age as well as leadership. Harrison would be the lead marcher as they went to school and made sure no one was left behind. He made all the kids feel at home when his mom watched them before and after school. 

He started sports at a young age. He was involved in soccer, baseball, and football. As he went on to high school at Millard West, he learned that football was his passion.

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