Think You Are a Buffalo Bills Fan?

May 4, 2018


Take this quick quiz and see how big of a Bills fan you really are!

Answer each question to the best of your knowledge. Each question is ranked by how hard it is. At the bottom of the page tally up your correct answers to see your fan scale.


1. Who is the Bills' head coach?  

a. Rex Ryan

b. Sean McDermott

c. Anthony Lynn

d. Doug Marrone


2. What division do they play in?  

a. NFC North

b. AFC North

c. NFC East

d. AFC East


3. What two numbers are retired jerseys by the Bills?     

a. 22 and 42

b. 36 and 12

c. 12 and 78

d. 98 and 36


4. Who is the president of the Bills?     

a. Kim Pegula

b. Russ Brandon

c. Terry Pegula

d. Doug Whaley


5. What is the name of the stadium the Bills play in?    

a. Orchard Park

b. New Era Field

c. Coca-Cola Field

d. Buffalo Field


6. What is their all time record (W-L-T)?  

a. 421-485-7

b. 485-421-7

c. 482-423-8

d. 423-482-8


7. What year was their first season? 

a. 1955

b. 1958

c. 1960

d. 1962


8. First Bill player was elected into the Hall of Fame? 

a. Billy Shaw

b. O. J. Simpson

c. Jim Ringo

d. Jim Kelly


9. What were the original team colors? 

a. Red, White, Blue

b. Royal Blue and Silver

c. Red and Silver

d. White and Royal Blue


10. When was their first Super Bowl appearance?  







Let's see how you did!


Each question number had a rank of 1, 2, or 3. The question number and rank is listed below. Tally up the ones you got right. 

#1 -B - 1 pt

#2 -D - 1 pt

#3 - C - 3 pts

#4 - A - 2 pts

#5 - B - 1 pt

#6 - D - 3 pts

#7 - C - 2 pts

#8 - B - 2 pts

#9 - B - 2 pts

#10 -C - 3 pts


0-6 Points

You are not a fan.

At all.

7-13 Points

You like the Bills,

but you're not a Super Fan.


14-20 Points

You are a SUPER Fan!














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