September 6, 2018

"...Our Buffalo Bills select...Harrison Phillips, Defensive Tackle, Stanford!" That was the moment you realized you had a new favorite player. You have his jersey, you have his autograph, but do you really know him?


There are three sections to this quiz. Each section getting gradually harder. The first section, you should be able to find on his website. 



1. We will start easy for you...What are his college and professional jersey numbers?

     a. 66 to 69

     b. 99 to 99

     c. 66 to 99

     d. 69 to 96

2. How many siblings does Harrison have?

     a. None

     b. 1

     c. 2

     d. 3

3. What is Harrison's favorite movie?

     a. Rocky

     b. Friday Night Lights

     c. We are the Titans

     d. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

4. How much did Harrison weigh when he was born?

     a. 10.1 pounds

     b. 11.1 pounds

     c. 7 pounds

     d. 8.5 pounds

5. When he was little, he would carry this around with him like a blanket.

     a. A stuffed bunny

     b. His pet cat

     c. A toy hammer

     d. A football



This section you will have to be very observant. These answer can be found in his interviews he has done via radio and TV.



6. What is Harrison's favorite thing to drink?

     a. Gaterade

     b. Chocolate Milk

     c. Beer

     d. Water

7. How many sports, including football did Harrison participate in as a child?

     a. 1 - Just football

     b. 3 - Soccer, wrestling and football

     c. 4 - Basketball, soccer, wrestling and football

     d. 5 - Track, baseball, soccer, wrestling, and football

8. How fast can Harrison solve a Rubik's Cube?

     a. 5 minutes

     b. 3 minutes 45 seconds

     c. Under 2 minutes

     d. He can't

9. What is his favorite ice cream flavor?

     a. Brownie 

     b. Cookie dough

     c. Chocolate

     d. Mint chocolate chip

10. What charity did Harrison help in college and now donates to in his professional career?

     a. The Playmakers

     b. The Playsetters

     c. The Goal Getters

     d. The Humane Society 



This is the last section. If you really are a big Harrison Phillips fan, you should get these right. If you don't, here's your chance to be his biggest fan.



11. What is Harrison's middle name?

     a. Jeffery

     b. Ryan

     c. Foster

     d. Francis

12. Is Harrison right or left handed?

     a. Right

     b. Left

13. Is Harrison single?

     a. Yes

     b. No

14. What color is Harrison's eyes

     a. Brown

     b. Blue

     c. Hazel

     d. Green

15. When is Harrison's birthday month?

     a. January

     b. March

     c. May

     d. December


You finished! Now lets see your results:


1. C - 66 to 99

2. B - 1 (sister)

3. B - Friday Night Lights

4. A - 10.1 pounds

5. C - Toy Hammer (he called "bam-bam")

6. B - Chocolate Milk

7. D - 5 

8. C - Under 2 minutes

9. B - Cookie dough

10. A - The Playmakers

11. C - Foster

12. B - Left

13. B - No

14. D - Green

15. A - January



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