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Teams: News & Updates


Harrison played on a variety of baseball teams. He started playing when we was just 4 years old and ended his career at the age of 7. He played for MAA (now Millard United Sports). He grew so tall, so fast, that they put his height to good use at first base. 

Harrison started playing soccer when he was 4 years old. He played for about 7 years. He played for Arsenal Futbol Club (now Sporting Omaha FC). He started to bulk up and get so strong that he thought it was best for the other players if he quit and used his strength towards football.


If you are a fan of Harrison's you know his wrestling ability. He started at the age of 3 at the Skutt Catholic Camps then switch to the Millard South Program. He participated at his middle school, Beadle, and continued to wrestle at Millard West High School. His flexibility increase as well has his quick feet. He was three-time Nebraska State Wrestling Champion, undefeated at heavyweight (2012, 2013, 2014). He also won 3 National titles, the National High School Coaches Association Wrestling Championships and the National Championship Title in 2013. Harrison was a great leader and was captain all four years. He holds the school record for take-downs, pins, and winning percentage. He hung up his shoes after 15 years.


Harrison got into football late in the game. He started playing football in 5th grade. He played for the KWAA (now Millard United Sports) youth league on the  Chiefs. He continued his career at Beadle Middle School and then at Millard West High School. He consistently challenged himself to get better on and off the field. He would go in early to workout before his workout. He studied the game inside and out. He received 31 scholarship offers to play football. He chose his path to continue at Stanford University. The rest is history.

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